Church This Week

Saturday, April 22
11:00 am
4th Saturday Personal Care Item Distribution
We know from experience that we need toilet paper, detergent, baby wipes,
shaving cream, African American hair products, liquid dish soap,
laundry detergent, deodorant, shampoo, diapers, etc. to be donated,
organized and distributed to our neighbors so that their lives are a little easier.
A big "thank you" to all who donate and to those who do the work.

There is a bin at the bottom of the stairs for you to put your donations
or find someone to carry them down for you.
The Dollar Tree stores are a great place to purchase items needed
for this community service activity of the church.

6:00 pm
Trivia and Game Night Fundraiser
This is a family friendly event and childcare will be available.
$10 per person to help raise funds for the church.

Sunday, April 23
April Theme - NATURE

10:00 am   Service:  Wayne Politsch
Worship Associate:  Joy Hoeft
Musical Guest:  John Herndon

10:00 am   Religious Education - Children and Youth
The children will start in the sanctuary with everyone else at 10:00.
Then after the Story for all ages, the congregation will sing them out to their classes.
RE classes usually last 45- 60. The Youth Group may go a little longer,
and the Elementary Class may go a little less.

Parents need to be reminded that they need to come get their kids
from the Elementary classroom if they are in third grade and under.

Adult Religious Education
11:00 am  "The Seekers" in Emerson Place
The Seekers is a discussion group that engages in a more in-depth discussion
of that day's sermon and the monthly topic.
Everyone is welcome to join our always lively and loving exchange
of ideas, support, and encouragement.
It's a great way to get to know your fellow congregants
and to get a deeper understanding of the lessons we are learning.

Coffee Hour Note:  After any event with snacks and beverages,
all food waste should be bagged and taken outside to the trash cans so that
we don't attract animal visitors that can damage the church.

Fragrance Free Zones Reminder for our Services:
To create a safe place for all our congregants, we are creating a "fragrance free" zone in the sanctuary.
More and more people are reporting sensitivities to fragrances,
and may having life-threatening or debilitating reactions to "smell good" scents.

We will be marking the first few pews near the piano as "fragrance free" zones.
If you are wearing cologne, perfume, after-shave, or use soaps, shampoos, or
lotions with fragrances, please refrain from sitting in or near those pews.

Here is just one of many links to more information about fragrance and multiple chemical sensitivities.

Church Next Week

Monday, April 24
6:30 pm  by the Fireplace
Healing Energy Meditation
Powerful guided mediations, words of wisdom, beautiful music, laughter, chanting, sharing,
exploring the many paths to connect with the Light and
to experience and Bless the Interdependent Web of Life.
We bring no answers, only open minds and questing hearts.
Please join us.

7:00 pm
Alton Area Cluster Meeting
The Alton Area Cluster will have its regular monthly meeting at 7 p.m. at our church on Monday, April 24.
Anyone may attend these meetings and learn more about Cluster activities and projects.

Thursday, April 27
7:00 pm
Board Meeting

Sunday, April 30
Annual Stewardship Pledge Drive Conclusion
Our annual stewardship pledge drive will conclude on Sunday, April 30th.
We would like to invite all members of the congregation to join us for a catered meal
to follow that week's service in celebration of our abundance.
Please plan to join your fellow members in these festivities
with good food and stimulating conversation! 

The April Newsletter, full of new and useful information, is now available
on the church website at

Please look it up to stay up to date with church information.
Printed copies are available at church.

The Board of Trustees of the First Unitarian Church of Alton would like to announce
the members of our new ministerial search team:

Tracey Howe-Koch,
Patricia Murrell, and
Christopher Strangeman

In these times, our church and faith are so important, providing a refuge, guidance, and opportunities
to work in community for a better world. We so appreciate these individuals' willingness
to help our congregation be the community we aspire to be.

The board has decided that we will look for a half-time minister for next year.
This decision is largely financial; that is the level we can reach
while still offering fair compensation for the position.
Because of this, we'll be looking for a contract minister.
This would not be a "calling" of a minister though we would be able to do that
in a few years if the minister works out and we're financially able.

Because of the narrowing of scope of the search and the work that has previously been done,
we feel that a three person team could handle this.
Organizational people at the UUA recommended the same.

We plan to have our new minister start August 1, 2017.

Rev. Dawn Fortune

If you'd like to meet with me, the best days are Wednesdays and Thursdays
when I have regular office hours, although I recommend making an appointment
so things don't overlap. I can also sometimes meet on Fridays or Saturdays,
depending on my schedule, so if midweek doesn't work for you,
let me know and I'll flex to make things fit.

As always, you can get in touch with me at my cell phone (314) 399-1023
or at my church email

Pastoral Associates

Experiencing a time of crises or simply need a listening ear?  Pastoral Associates support the Minister
in responding to the life struggles of individual members and families.  If you are need of support
due to illness, grief, dying, accidents, isolation, or other difficult life experiences,
please contact Rev. Fortune or one of the Pastoral Associates for care and support.
Conversations with the Minister and Pastoral Associates are always confidential.
Information will only be shared with explicit permission from those receiving care.

Our Pastoral Associates are
Marcia Custer
Sandy Shaner

Please sign up to volunteer for:
Coffee Hour beverages every Sunday
Volunteers to prepare and to clean up
Usher Duties

Thank you,
Becky Green, Church Administrator
First Unitarian Church of Alton

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