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Monday, October 16
Newsletter Deadline is on the 15 of each month.
Send info. to Dorothy Wilson and to Becky Green at church.

Sunday, October 22
October Theme - Vulnerability

10:00 am   Service:   "Beautifully Vulnerable"   Mary Johnson
Worship Associate:  Robin Crane

A Faith Rocket sermon presented by Mary Johnson, and written by the Rev. Meg Riley,
senior minister, Church of the Larger Fellowship.

We are all vulnerable - we've taken risks, stepped out of the shadows to make a commitment,
revealed something of ourselves that we'd kept hidden, shared a deep struggle,
taken a chance with love, made a principled stand.
When we do these things that may make us feel vulnerable,
e open ourselves to allow for deeper connections with others.

10:00 am   Religious Education - Children and Youth
The children and youth will start in the sanctuary, then will be released to their classes.
Nursery services are available for children 5 years of age and younger.

Adult Religious Education
11:00 am   "The Seekers" in Emerson Place
The Seekers is a discussion group that engages in a more in-depth discussion
of that day's sermon and the monthly topic. Everyone is welcome to join
our always lively and loving exchange of ideas, support, and encouragement.
It's a great way to get to know your fellow congregants
and to get a deeper understanding of the lessons we are learning.

Coffee Hour Note:  After any event with snacks and beverages,
all food waste should be bagged and taken outside to the trash cans
so that we don't attract animal visitors that can damage the church.

Fragrance Free Zones Reminder for our Services:
To create a safe place for all our congregants,
we are creating a "fragrance free" zone in the sanctuary.
More and more people are reporting sensitivities to fragrances,
and may having life-threatening or debilitating reactions to "smell good" scents.

We will be marking the first few pews near the piano as "fragrance free" zones.
If you are wearing cologne, perfume, after-shave, or use soaps, shampoos, or
lotions with fragrances, please refrain from sitting in or near those pews.

Here is just one of many links to more information about fragrance and multiple chemical sensitivities.

Church Next Week

Wednesday, October 25
6:30 pm
Healing Energy Meditation by the fireplace
Conversation, meditation and growth with friends.  Come Explore The Mystery with us!

Saturday, October 28
Personal Care Item Distribution
11:00 am
Please support our church's community outreach by donating to our personal care inventory.

Each month we need laundry detergent, toilet paper, shampoo,
body wash, deodorant, hand lotion, shaving cream,
baby wipes ("free and clear"),
dish detergent (for hand washing dishes).

Donations of reusable tote bags (like what you can buy at grocery stores) would be appreciated.

Stay tuned for more specific information on what will be needed this month.

The October Newsletter, full of new and useful information, is now available
on the church website at

Please look it up to stay up to date with church information.
Printed copies are available at church.

To Contact our Minister, Amy Brooks or 217-204-7377

Pastoral Associates

Experiencing a time of crises or simply need a listening ear?  Pastoral Associates support the Minister
in responding to the life struggles of individual members and families.  If you are need of support
due to illness, grief, dying, accidents, isolation, or other difficult life experiences,
please contact Rev. Fortune or one of the Pastoral Associates for care and support.
Conversations with the Minister and Pastoral Associates are always confidential.
Information will only be shared with explicit permission from those receiving care.

Our Pastoral Associates are
Marcia Custer
Gerry Gilman
Sandy Shaner
Nan Adams
Ruth Maskow

Please sign up to volunteer for:
Coffee Hour beverages every Sunday
Volunteers to prepare and to clean up
Usher Duties

Thank you,
Becky Green, Church Administrator
First Unitarian Church of Alton

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